Maternity/Newborn Photo Shoots

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Over Thanksgiving weekend last October (2 weeks before my due date) I went up to Kamloops to visit family, and as I was there I stumbled across an ad of a woman looking to expand her maternity/newborn photography portfolio and would do the shoots for free!

I was literally jumping out of my seat with excitement because I had dreamed of having newborn pictures professionally done but as I looked more and more into it I quickly realized it was WAY out of our budget. But "ask and you shall receive" because my dream came true much to the skeptics of my family who thought it was all a sham.

I met with Ramona Lam about a week later to just meet face to face and to talk about location and picture ideas. I was a little nervous meeting her because I had no idea who she was but she quickly set my nerves at ease as she was super sweet and personable.

We did our first maternity shoot on our due date, and it went great! As a full on pregnant momma it got exhausting getting up and down for different poses and changing outfits, but it was so exciting that this precious time was being documented by the very talented Ramona. Since Rylee was 11 days late we were able to reschedule another maternity shoot to get a few different angles and a couple different poses too.

3 days after Rylee was born we met with Ramona again, this time as proud parents of a beautiful little girl. I think being a mother of two is a big asset for Ramona when it comes to taking pictures of children because she understands it takes a lot of time and patience when you have to change a diaper, feed, or calm the baby between every other shot. After that first shoot we did another one when Rylee was 6 days old at a different location for different lighting and atmosphere. The nice thing of the second shoot was that Rylee's umbilical cord had fallen off, and we as parents were a little more comfortable with this tiny fragile baby.

All in all our experience with Ramona was amazing, she made it so easy and comfortable because of her friendly personality, and I was so pleased with the results of all pictures. I don't think she understands how much it meant to me but she made my dreams come true, and I am so thankful for everything! We now have beautiful pictures of Rylee to look at for the rest of our lives. Ramona Lam is one talented up-and-coming photographer and I wish her all the best with her passion.

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