Feeding the Obsession!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Over the past week friends and family have surprised me with awesome gifts!! 

The first one was this gorgeous mug from Sevio's step-mom, she found it one day when she was in Victoria at "Pier 1 Imports." I absolutely love it, with its bright colors and cute eyes how could I not! And I'll never feel alone when I'm drinking out of it because my new owl friend will be perched on the coffee table staring at me.

The second one was a glass owl piggy bank, not for me, but for Rylee, from our friend Sandy. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of it because I forgot it at her house, but its cute!

The third surprise came last Sunday from Rylee's Godmother's mother, Bev. She was returning from some travels and had time to kill on one of her layovers and ended up in "Coles Books" for most of it and found these neat little magnetic page markers. Now I just have to start reading a book and put them to good use!

Thanks ladies for thinking of me and feeding my obsessions :)

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