8 Month Milestone

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Today marks a very important milestone in Rylee's life, she's 8 months old...that's 4 months away from 1 year! How we got here, I'm not sure but we did and that's all that matters

Rylee's been mobile since she was 6 months old but since then she's quickened her pace and entered a whole new land of bumps and falls. Obviously her crash landings are an inevitable part of childhood, and although my heart may occasionally skip a beat or two, its amazing to watch her explore new things and discover her limits.

I can't imagine we're far off from the dreaded teething and awe-inspiring first steps, I can't wait for it all! I can't wait till she can run around with her cousins and other little kids, and for when I can pack her up and take her to the park and she can run free in the jungle of slides and monkey bars, and I especially can't wait until she drops the "M" word... ma-ma!

Happy birthday my sweet little girl!

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