Officially Unemployed!!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Today we have become two very much unemployed individuals and soon we will take on the "starving student" status. For some this may cause worry and stress especially with a wee one to provide for, but for us we are both overly excited to finally finish! We have saved since the day we were married for a moment such as this, it was either going towards a down-payment on a house or continuing education, just so happened continuing education is the path we will go down for awhile and settling down will take a back seat.

Sevio's official last day as a youth worker was yesterday, my last day as a chiropractors receptionist was this morning (I got a lovely box of chocolates to top it off!), and Sevio's last day as the garbage man was also today. August 16th you are a good day and I'm excited to spend a well deserved 2 week break with my husband and daughter doing whatever whenever, and hello sleeping in!

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