China Date Night

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The other night we went on our third date from my anniversary gift to Sevio which takes us around the world over the course of a year, and no I don't mean that in a literal sense and completely and utterly make believe travel. You can catch up on what its all about HERE.

So this month our destination was China, and I have to be honest with the transition of moving I nearly forgot about it so sadly this month lacked in creativity and "wow" factor, sorry Sevio! I found a nearby Chinese restaurant that was brilliantly cheap (everything on the menu was $5.95 and an additional %10 off if you picked it up), so we picked four dishes: deep fried prawns, schezuan beef, lemon chicken, and a combo plate that came with sweet and sour pork, fried rice, and chicken chow mein. Are you ready for this.... all that was $23! And tasted ok too!

After diner we opened our fortune cookies which I was actually kind of bummed doing because I had found a way that you can insert your own fortune into the cookie but you need a microwave and we left ours behind in the move... so that creative idea was sadly thrown out the window. BUT to lighten my mood I got a super stuffed cookie with three fortunes in it!

I had done some research to find a movie that was at least set in China and gave Sevio the options: Mulan (personal fave), Memoirs of a Geisha, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Rush Hour (its got Jackie Chan in it :P), and surprisingly Kite Runner (due to dangers of filming in Afghanistan most of the film was filmed in Kashgar, China). When I mentioned the last one to Sevio he jumped on it because he just found out he has to do a book report on it for school and thought watching the movie would help him get into the book easier, but that won't be a problem because it's a great book! So to finish off our little date night we watched Kite Runner which is a great movie too!

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