DIY Thursday - Owl Goodie Bags

Thursday, October 25, 2012

During that precious thing call nap time I got a moment to myself to get of my favorite things to do!

I have been working on some DIY projects for Rylee's first birthday party which of course is owl themed. Today I went to work on cute owl goodie bags so now it's time to share how easy they are!

If your like me and have obscene amounts of scrapbook paper lying around then it's a super cheap project as your only expense is gong to be for the paper bags which you can find at the dollar store.

Paper Bags

First thing I did was trim the bags down because they are quite tall. Then I folded the top over and cut it to be a triangle shape.

Next I cut out all the different size circles for the eyes, the beaks, and body (this is the tedious part but once its all done its smooth sailing).

Now to assemble all these pieces. Glue the body to the bag, then glue all the eye pieces together and glue them to the bag over the body piece, and last but not least glue the beak on.

Once you've filled it with all it's goodies staple the top of the bag. (What did I tell you...easy peasy!)

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