Girl's Shopping Day

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Me and Rylee had a girls shopping day down in Bellingham. It was lovely, everything about it: the drive, the beautiful fall weather (no rain), no agenda, nice border patrol guy, and best of all no meltdowns!

I have to totally make a comment about the border patrol guy entering the US, he was AWESOME!! Not once in my life have I ever encountered a nice one (and I've done a lot of traveling), his first words to me were... "Whats up spunky!?" And The thing I appreciated the most about him is that he actually looked at Rylee in the back seat (first border patrol to do that), I don't know what their protocol is with checking children that are traveling with one parent but as a parent I wish they did that every time, I don't care if they grill me because at least I know their protecting my child!

Anyways that was my totally off topic rant, back to the point! SHOPPING! Our first stop was Bellis Fair Mall which my sole purpose was to get face lotion which I have wanted for years and finally splurged and got Clinique's Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (Perfect for this cold fall weather)... and lucky me they had a gift giveaway with my purchase!! So for $30 I got my lotion, a travel size thing of my lotion, mascara, lipstick, make-up remover, and a palette of eyeshadow and blush, oh and and two makeup bags (one is Rylee size)!! So awesome!!

Next up was Target where I got some snacks for lil' miss and scored a pair of hot pink skinny jeans for $11.50 (gotta love the clearance rack). I checked out a few more stores and the last store before heading out I found more skinny jeans... one pair black, one pair a darker teal... I couldn't resist! I haven't bought pants since I was pregnant with Rylee and went through a long stage where I wouldn't even try anything on because cute clothes aren't made for bodies that just stretched 30lbs and are soft in all the wrong places... it was depressing (yes I'm telling you skinny girls can not fit clothes too!), but yesterday was NOT depressing, it was a HAPPY day because I can officially say I fit cute clothes again!!
After the mall we went to the dollar store to find some craft supplies, and then Home Depot for more craft supplies, and then to Walmart... yes for more craft supplies! I'm preparing for a motherload of DIY projects which I'm SOOOO excited to get started (I just have to remember to finish one project before starting the next one). 

And that was that our girl's shopping day was complete, we headed home two happy and tired girls.

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