Bah Humbug!

Monday, November 26, 2012

We have had a rough three + weeks due to colds, flu's, pink eye, and allergic reactions! I am so done with it all...SO DONE!

Three weeks ago Sevio was complaining something was in his eye all day, so eventually being the caring doting kind of wife that I am... I looked in his eye to see if something was in it. I was first shocked by how red and irratated they were and then took two steps back when he rubbed his eye and gooey gunk came out....sure sign of pink eye (I've had it once and I would never wish it upon my worst enemy, so terrible!). So sure enough he skipped class that evening to get it checked out and came home with special eye drop antibiotics.

Two weeks ago Sevio and I were hit with the flu (along with both sides of our families, yay for germ sharing at Rylee's bday party!). I got it first and much milder than Sevio and everyone else, we were pretty much out of commission for 24hrs (I'll spare you the details...just know that it was GROSS!)

A week and half ago Rylee got her one year vaccinations, two days later she had a fever. One day later she was still feverish + vomiting so we took her to a walk-in clinic where they disregarded her vaccinations as a cause and said it was because of an inflamed throat and put her on antibiotics. One day later she still has a fever and now she has a rash forming and by evening its covering her whole body...needless to say we took her to the hospital this time. With a fever over 40ยบ I was getting a bit concerned. They took a urine sample and figured she "probably" had a bladder infection and to keep her on the antibiotics. Over the next six days she had fevers off and on but her rash went away and she wasn't vomiting anymore so I figured she was getting better until yesterday. Yesterday she broke out in a rash again, worse than before, I had no idea what to do because I felt like the medical system was failing could two different doctors not get it! She was reacting to the antibiotics which was confirmed today after a trip to the vaccination clinic and walk-in clinic which we originally went to. And although no one confirmed it, I'm leaning strongly that her first symptoms (fever and vomiting) were a side effect from her vaccinations. After all this I definitely understand what it is to be a mama bear I was ready to tear a strip off someone today if they didn't help me figure out what was happening to my baby. grrr! Now we quit the antibiotics and wait for the rash to go away but still keep an eye on her in case it turns serious.

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