Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

As I was driving around today I realized its beginning to look an awful like Christmas around town. With candy canes and trees hanging from lamp posts, lights on houses, and festive displays in storefront windows. Not to mention the jumbo sized snowflakes, gift boxes, and Christmas trees in the mall

We also ran into somebody today, Rylee's met him once before ...but this time she wasn't too fond of him and needed mommy nearby. With the help of some kind women they nearly got a smile out of her....they definitely got a smile out of me, a little bit too much of smile haha.
All of it makes me happy, I love Christmas, this time of year makes me feel all warm and bubbly inside. It's important, it holds so much meaning (apart from the outrageous consumer mentality), and I look forward to sharing the true meaning of Christmas with Rylee one day and starting our own family traditions sitting in the dark with the lights glowing in the windows sipping hot chocolate, watching old Christmas classics over and over again (Rudolph is my personal fave), and much much more!

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