DIY Gift Wrapping

Thursday, November 29, 2012

This year I decided I wanted to doing something a little more creative and unique with our Christmas gifts by designing my own wrapping paper. It's not hard but it is a little bit time consuming. It's been fun to come up with different ideas and learn new crafty things like making a flower out of paper and how to tie a proper bow! I have even found this project relaxing, I've been doing it when Rylee's napping so I don't have to worry about her getting into anything and I can make as big and grand of a mess as I want!

First your Supply List:
  • Stamp pad (any color and I've found slow drying ink works the best)
  • Stamps, or make your own with a potato or sponge, or the eraser on a pencil (I used all four options)
  • Ribbon (Again any color, or thickness will do)
  • Twine (Found at the dollar store or bakers twine if you want some color)
  • Brown Wrapping Paper (I got mine at the dollar store, I think you can also get it at the post office)
  • and obviously tape and scissors 
  • A glass of eggnog and Christmas tunes!
*if you choose to use a sponge to make stamps you will need acrylic paint rather than an ink pad, and your look will be a little more patchy than using a potato or normal stamp.

First pick your give and cut out a piece of the wrapping paper that will be enough to cover it. Pick your mode of stamping (potato, sponge, eraser, or a regular stamp).

I first used a potato cutting out a chevron shape (I also did the chevron with a sponge, personally I like the look of the potato stamp better...its more solid), then dip your stamp in the ink and go at'er! And remember if you make a mistake (I know I did!) just flip the paper over and start over (No wasting paper here :P).
Next I used the end of pencil to make a polka dot pattern! This one was fun but definitely tedious if your using it for a larger project, I stuck with small gifts when I used the polka dots.
Once your ink has dried you can begin to wrap your present! Adorning it with whatever kind of embellishment you want. I had fun with mine twirling twine around and around which I think goes really well with the brown paper, I also made my own bows, and even a paper flower. Some other ideas would be using pine cones, holly, fabric, lace, doilies, or paper snowflakes.
and....thats a wrap!! ahaha sorry for the awful pun!!

Have fun, and if you need some bow tutorials let me know, I've become a master at it (or so I think!).

(If this DIY project has inspired you to create your own, I kindly ask you share my link within your own post. And don't forget to come back and comment your link to your beautiful ugly creation, I'd love to see it too!)


  1. Katie - You can also buy a package of 1,000 white or assorted colours self-adhesive round dots at the Dollar Store for $1.00. These are similar to those used for pricing items in some stores.

    Grandma Jones


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