A Little Something Nice

Friday, August 23, 2013

It took me few weeks but I finally splurged a little at one of the local night markets! (however its hardly a splurge...total cost of it all was $4 CAD!)

I'm not gonna lie, I'm amazed I've restrained myself this long! There are hundreds of vendors and artisans, and the craftsmanship of some things is just absolutely amazing! (One day I'll do a post sometime of just the markets around Chiang Mai) And don't even get me started on the price...things that cost dollars here (even before bartering) would cost a hundred times more back home, if we didn't have to carry everything around for the next 8 months I'd definitely be stocking up bulk style!

My purchases were that of some bars of delicious smelling soaps (moke, vanilla, mangosteen, and lavendar), and two cute bow clips for my lil'miss (These little bows have inspired me so don't be surprised if you see an Owls & Monsters creation similar to this next spring! They are just so adorable!).

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