Batu Caves

Monday, November 4, 2013

As I mentioned before, last week we were in Malaysia, two full days in Kuala Lumpur (K.L.) and 4 days in Penang!

Our first day in KL we saw the city sights which I will post about soon, and on our second day we made a little excursion outside of the city to a place called Batu Caves.

I found out about this place originally via Pinterest, and was surprised to learn how easy it was to actually get to. From what I originally read it's about an hour drive outside the city and I just assumed we would book with a tour company to get out there, but low and behold, you can catch the metro right to the caves! The ride is only a half hour (one way) and cost 4RM (about $1.33CAN) roundtrip! The caves themselves are free, there is a "dark cave" tour you can pay to do but by the time we climbed all the stairs and looked around we were too tired to even think about doing it.

Upon arrival we were greeted by an enormous statue of what can only be described as: the incredible hulk monkey lady! (You may or may not see little monkeys scurrying around too, we didn't but on the way out we saw lots!)

After the monkey statue you walk for a few minutes till your standing before a very large (i'm not joking...its HUGE) golden Hindu shrine (one of the most popular outside of India). Also you will see the longest staircase ever (in my personal opinion), supposedly its only 276 steps... no big deal right! These stairs lead to the base of the caves, which are formed out of limestone, and home to a number of Hindu shrines. If the natural wonder of the caves themselves aren't enough to get you up those stairs then let me tell you, the view is! You can get a perfect skyline picture of Kuala Lumpur! Also an added perk to the climb are the monkeys who come within feet of you, but beware they are wild! Rylee was pretty excited to see was I, maybe more than her (at least for the baby ones hanging on to their momma's cute!)

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