Indian Delights

Monday, November 18, 2013

I thought today I would make you drool a little with some of the deliciousness we got to experience while we were in Malaysia! Although I love Thai food, it was nice to treat my palette to some different flavours, mostly Indian, which is one of my fave ethnic foods.

Listed below are five Indian delights that had us coming back for more. Hopefully we can find some of these same dishes back home in Canada, if not, I will be scouring google for recipes (which I'm sure I'll do anyway).

1.) Chicken satay with an oh so yummy peanut sauce (a popular appetizer in both Thailand and Malaysia).
2.) My go to snack while we were out and about were vegetarian samosas, Sevio of course was all about the non vegetarian option, chicken.
3.) A breakfast for champions consisted of eggs and pancakes Indian style,  Banana Rotee (One of Rylee's favourite things). Rotee in Malaysia we discovered was a more healthier alternative than Thai version, which is generally smothered in sweetened condensed milk and sugar.
4.)  Sizzling Chicken Stirfry. This dish comes out just as it says, sizzling! Loaded with a mound of yellow noodles and lots of veggies and chicken as "cherries" on top. Very asian taste with an oyster and/or soya sauce base.
5.) Potato Patties, another vegetarian option with a slight curry flavour.  These were a great appy dish and kid friendly being not too spicy. It also helped that they were ketchup dippable, a sure way to get Rylee to eat on her most picky days.
There you have it, five great dishes to try if your ever in Malaysia, at your local Indian restaurant, or are wanting something different in your own kitchen. If you come across or have any good Indian recipes of your own, shoot 'em my way I'd love to try them out!

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