Potty Training!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Notice anything unique about this photo?

Notice that smile? The T.P. in her hand? What she's sitting on? 

Ok, ok, it may not be that self explanatory, let me enlighten you to whats going on here. That little girl went pee pee on the potty for the very first time yesterday! She first had a little accident on the bed (yes, the bed!) but we quickly got her to the bathroom and as I was explaining to her that this is where the pee pee goes she went very silent. It was then I realized the real floodgates opened and she was going pee, I called Sevio in and we cheered for her and you could tell how proud of herself she was! It was all very exciting for us and her!

So far potty training has been a complete flop as she has been so uninterested and sometimes scared of the toilet. I've taken to the mentality that when she's ready, she's ready and now that this first milestone has been hit I think I may be right! Since yesterday she wants to sit on the potty every five minutes and gets mad when we try to put a diaper on, so i think it may be safe to say potty training has begun in our house! (Here's hoping we only have one babe in diapers come January)

Got any funny potty training stories? Or tricks of the trade? Would love to hear them!

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