Carnival Fun

Friday, December 13, 2013

Over the past week there has been a carnival going on at a local Wat (that's a buddhist temple fyi). Our first time going was totally overwhelming, it was late at night, crowded, and noisy!

In typical asian style we were elbow to elbow with hundreds of strangers shuffling along trying to take it all in. Rylee was totally freaked by all the dart throwing stands, the sounds of balloons popping apparently scare her, kind of like fireworks. Sevio won her a giant Despicable Me minion character and she wouldn't even look at it! Regardless of all the chaos we had a good time with the games, snacks, and friends, we even found our Christmas tree there (of all places)!

Our second night going was a way more enjoyable experience! We went a little bit earlier and thankfully found we had beat the crowds! Rylee even enjoyed herself this time around (no more hiding her head in our shoulders). She was super excited about the carousel, and surprised us both by sitting through the whole ride with a big smile and giggles! We didn't play any of the games this time around but we ate more snacks and took our time wondering around looking at all the little stands, one of which I found Rylee two adorable dresses for a mere $3!

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  1. Looks like Rylee had fun. I love the dresses you picked up for her. I just found you from the blog hop. New follower:)

    1. Aren't they cute...she's definitely better dressed than me! And thanks for the follow Zalika!


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