Bump Watch : 39 Weeks

Friday, January 10, 2014

This is supposed to be my final week pregnant, and I can only hope that is the case! I'm so ready to move on from this preggo state to being a momma of two (I say that now...). As I've said before I'm totally not looking forward to the delivery part (who would?) but I actually feel like I'm prepared for it, I guess knowing that I've done it before gives me the courage that I can do it again. 

After our last Dr. visit I was left a little on edge just because I have no idea what to expect in a Thai delivery room. Our Dr. speaks English but it's minimal and as time has gone on we've noticed that there is definitely a communication barrier. He said if baby hasn't come by my due date, Jan.13th, he will set me up to be induced but when I said I'm not comfortable with that and he just kind of laughed it off. Since there have been no complications with me and babe throughout this pregnancy I'm really tempted to reschedule this next appointment for next weekend, that way it will give a bit more time for Lil'Man to come out on his own, and then and only then we can talk about inducing. I know I don't have a degree in medicine but I just feel like its a bit rushed to be induced, and through my experience with Rylee they were willing to wait it out for two weeks past my due date (she was 11 days late fyi) before even considering the option of inducing.

I personally do not believe the "due date" is when the baby needs to come out, I stand by the opinion that babies come out when they are good and ready to come out (as long as its safe of course). So...am I crazy to want to take things into my own hands here?

Anyways, thats my little rant, apart from all that I feel great and am ready to meet the new addition to our family. I'm seriously wondering what he's gonna look like, and so excited to see Rylee's reaction to her very own real baby brother!

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  1. You go girl!! If you've delivered one late before with out complications, then as long as you feel that's what you should do: go for it! Rarely can babies be 'overcooked'. I was induced with all 3 of mine, but that's because my first one was 2 weeks late, almost 10 lbs and there was Meconium in the fluid. So, it was in our best interest to induce the other two by their due dates. But if your first one was 11 days 'late' and everything was just fine... GO FOR IT!! Sending prayers your way this week for an amazing delivery when baby is ready! :D

  2. have there been concerns over your blood pressure?? this might be why he wants to induce...we had to for this reason with our youngest, but the other three older kids where all pleasantly "overbaked"...lol

  3. That situation would frustrate me too! First of all, I hate being told what to do, especially when everything is going well. I think the language barrier would make me uncomfortable as well. And maybe that's what it is, just a misunderstanding. Your doctor probably didn't mean it the wrong way. He's probably(I hope) concerned, and just thinking ahead, as they should! That is their job, to prevent any complications during the pregnancy from happening, but it doesn't mean they can't be wrong. So just voice out your concerns and/or opinion. You're ultimately in control of what happens to your body :)

    I think you will be great though. You are not even past your due date yet, so there's still time for your baby boy to cook some more. The main thing is not to get past 42 weeks because the baby can get too big, and the placenta can get too mature that it's not supplying oxygen and nutrients to the baby, so that's definitely a concern for the baby(and you).

    Can't wait til the new addition to your family is here, either! Hope to see pictures hehe


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