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Monday, March 3, 2014

Before Zachery was born we had a lot of trouble coming up with a name (which you can read about here). And in all honestly he was still unnamed for a good 8 hrs of his life because of his indecisive parents. 

So today I share with you a little insight that went into his name...

Sevio was the one to come up with Zachery, which at first I was not totally thrilled with. I felt it was rather outdated and too traditional sounding, but really it's just one of those classic names that fits any era. Zachery which is derived from Zechariah is rich with biblical history and one of many reasons why Sevio likes this name. Another major reason, and probably the most profound reasons Sevio liked Zachery was that he thought saying "baby Zach" would be cute!

His middle name, Jayden, had the opposite effect, I was the one who loved this name and Sevio not so much. It definitely has a more modern ring to it, but little did I know has biblical history as well (not a whole lot, but "Jadon" is found once in the book of Nehemiah).

Somehow we found middle ground and compromised, he got his name and I got mine, happy happy! But in all seriousness, I believe it was the combination of their meanings that truly won us over. Zachery means "the Lord has remembered" and Jayden means "Thankful". Which as some of you know between Rylee and Zachery we had a miscarriage over Thanksgiving weekend last year. At that time it was hard to be thankful, but the Lord remembered us and our desire to have another child and now just over a year later we are ever so thankful for this gift of Zachery Jayden, our amazing little man.

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  1. Aww, I love the meaning behind his name! It's unfortunate that you had a miscarriage. That is heart breaking, but I am glad that God granted your wish and gave you Zachery Jayden. Your family is truly blessed!


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