The "Ool"

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Obviously life has been a bit crazy with the addition of a wee little man and I'm a little behind on keeping up with it all here. So hold on tight and get ready for a some blitz posts containing many pictures of our two little bundles of adorableness.

To start the blitz we have our day at the "ool" as Rylee calls it. We stayed one night at a hotel before catching an early bird train to Cambodia for our visa run (more on that later). Purposely picking a hotel with a pool we checked in as early as possible and spent most of the afternoon poolside! Much to our surprise, Rylee, who generally hates water, was splashing all over the place like a natural born water baby (which she was). This was a few weeks ago now and she's still talking about it, she asks regularly to go to the pool and/or beach, it's pretty adorable! 

Zach on the other hand burst into an instant fit of screams when he touched the cold water (he is his mothers child... I haaaaate cold water). So while Daddy tended to Rylee the fish, I lounged with Zach the crab.

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