First Foods // Four to Six Months

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

In the theme of Beginning Solid's with your baby I thought it'd be good to share some great first foods that are age appropriate for a 4-6 month old.

One would think, and I was one until recently, that a baby's first taste needs to be that of the ever elusive boxed baby cereal! Think again! The old days of Pablum and rice cereal please move aside, our kids want some flavour!

Believe it or not, Avocado, Sweet Potatoes, Banana's, Apples, and Pears are great safe digestible alternatives to start your baby with. Mmmm I can see the drool already...literally...Zach never stops drooling. 

Ok, ok, I have to admit though that both Rylee and Zachery's first tastes were Rice Cereal but that's only because I never knew! Next child (theoretically), I promise to let your taste buds go on an adventure with your very first bite. 

For us it's really important to feed our kids organic, local, and non-GMO foods as much as our income allows. And in these beginning months its still pretty affordable, 1 or 2 apples goes a long way with their little tummies. Understandably eating this way is expensive, but I think if you choose to make it a priority in your home and finances you will be able to make it happen. And trust me when I these foods taste better and are most importantly... better for you, and your precious kids!

Just a few reminders though when introducing foods:

// Don't Worry About The Mess //
Kids are messy, you know this, so don't expect them to dine like elite debutantes. Let them poke and squish what they're eating, it will let them discover food with all their senses. It's not uncommon in our household to put on "messy" clothes or remove clothes entirely when its meal time (unless we're going out, of course)... I'm sorry I'll save myself the money & grief of freaking out over that squished blueberry or spaghetti sauce flung all over those overpriced (but totally adorable) kids clothes. In the meantime, moms/dads it's time to add a Tide-To-Go pen to the diaper bag.

// Nurse or Bottle Feed First //
Your breast milk or formula provide total nutrition for the first year and is packed full of essential vitamins, iron, protein, antibodies, that solid food just can't replace. So continue with your normal feeding and then give your child 1-2 tsp. of pureed baby food, your babe will let you know when he/she is full by refusing to open their mouth or by turning their head away.

// Four Day Rule //
When introducing new foods its important to do it one at a time and wait at least a couple days before starting another. Four days is the safest time to wait, in those four days your watching for any allergic reactions. Things to watch out for are those lovely things like diarrhea, vomiting, rash... if any such things occur stop feeding that food and consult your doctor or pediatrician!

// Variety, Variety, Variety //
Your baby will have its own preference, just like you and I, but nevertheless you should offer a variety of different foods. One reason is so they get a variety of different nutrients; and another because their tastes are evolving and you don't want to limit them just to your tastes. Be adventurous and give them the chance to taste the smorgasbord of flavor this world has to offer. And don't be disappointed if they don't like something, give it a week and try again, babies tastes change frequently. For example, Rylee hated I'm talking gag reflex the instant they touched her mouth... now she doesn't have a problem with them. So if at first you don't succeed, try, try again!

Here are a list of some safe first foods for your 4 to 6 month old

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