Victoria Day

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Whoa lets go WAY back...not to actual Victoria Day but to our first trip to Victoria after we got back from Thailand. This is a special day for me and Zach because it was the first day Jamma (Sevio's Mom) got to meet Zach, and the first time I got to see her in over 10 months! 

We made a quick trip to Chinatown to find floating lanterns which we plan to let go in memory of my Dad who passed away in June. And we may have made a side trip to a little grocer for bubble tea straws, and to fill our pockets with those little snap crackle poppers things that explode when you throw them at the ground.  

After that we met up with Jamma and spent some time at one of the parks, where Rylee was basically in kiddie heaven all afternoon. We finished our day with a bite to eat at my favourite Thai restaurant, Siam, where we indulged and shared some of our favourites dishes with Jamma, and of course downed my first Chaa Yen (Thai Iced Tea) since leaving Thailand.

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  1. Cute photos! Looks like a lot of fun. I hope you have an amazing time what is left of the summer:)


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