Zachery // Seven To Eight

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Geez I did it again! Zachery is growing up way to fast and with our move last month I missed his monthly update! Now I just have to remember...

// Seven Months //

Since Zach's last update he mastered the art of crawling and got quite confident in his standing. Using his mouth as his balancer to pull himself up on practically everything, it was funny when I saw him doing it to the coffee table... but when he was in the bathroom and tried to do it to the toilet I wasn't laughing anymore! So gross! 

For his seventh month he had a lot of firsts. For food he tried out sweet potatoes, peaches, pears, and apricots. He had his first camp out when we all slept out on the trampoline. We discovered he loves, and I mean loves the swing. He met his Aunty Dani and now Uncle Sam for the first time. He went to his first wedding (Dani + Sam's). And this isn't a first but he's got another big move under his belt.

// 8 Months //

Yay we're back up to snuff now. Three days ago little man had his eighth month birthday and I know I say it every month, but I just can't believe it! Over this past month he's really developed in his little character by babbling and laughing way more, he's just such a happy guy. I swear I've even heard him say "Dada" but Sevio thinks I'm crazy. Rylee and him have become so cute to watch, they are really beginning to interact together, although at times we really have to teach Rylee the concept of sharing! We finally got him caught up on his 6 month vaccinations and with that we of course got his measurements. He's gone down a bit in weight I presume from his mobility, he's now 15lbs 7oz., and is  just about 26in. long.

Some of his firsts for this month are:
He met his new cousin Layla. He went to some new places, Whiterock + Cultus Lake. He tried yogurt, and carrots...which possibly gave him a full body rash, which was another first. He's also graduated to some more finger foods with cheerios and blueberries. Another big first was he started going to daycare, and I blame Sevio who got the kids in the car too quickly so now there is no "first day of school" picture.  

Looking forward to the next couple months there's teeth and walking coming soon! 

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