Zachery Turns One

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The day has finally come and gone, the fifteenth, Zachery's birthday! Our little man turned one years old can you believe it!?

He woke up and was greeted by his very excited sister. She so kindly directed his path towards the over sized ballon and pile of presents that she had been waiting so "patiently" to open with him. We started with Mommy and Daddy's presents, a Melissa and Doug stacker toy, and A Maxim 3 exciting ramp racer!

We spent most of the day just hanging out, playing, and getting ready for the low key "Little Man" themed party we were having that evening with close friends and family.

We had a brief crumby part of the day when we took Zach in for his one year vaccinations, ill planning on my part, but alas it's over and done with. 

The party started at 6pm and the table was set with some festive food including: bow tie pesto pasta, manwiches, stud muffins, veggies, and of course some good old fashioned root beer (moustache straws included)!

Zachery was dressed in his "I Am 1" tee and looked dapper in his little man suspenders... Unfortunately I failed to get a good picture of his cute little outfit!

We opened more presents (he scored some great books, an interactive walker toy, adorable clothes, and awesome new cloth diapers). We finished the night by singing Happy Birthday and watching him dive into his very own giant cupcake!  He was pretty excited when he saw it coming his way, and really who could blame him!? I think he loved each and every bite of that yummy treat!

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