Zone Defence

Friday, January 16, 2015

Any basketball fans out there will understand when I say we're switching from man to man to zone defence! That's right, the little people in our house are soon going to outnumber the big people... YIKES! 

Come late July our family of four will be a family of five! It's exciting and scary all at the same time! But the timing really couldn't be more perfect. With Sevio graduating his undergrad in April he will have time to get his ducks in a row and get a job before I go on maternity, and extra bonus I don't have to be pregnant through the heat of the summer... YAY!

This baby has proven itself to be a little miracle already, as we had a bit of a scare we lost it two or so weeks ago. After some (sorry too much information coming up) excessive bleeding and cramping I went to the ER afraid that what I was experiencing may have been an ectopic pregnancy... after an ultrasound I was relieved to return home with the news that Baby was alive, healthy, kicking, heart beating, and right where it was supposed to be! But still no answer why the cramping and bleeding... but nothing since so hallelujah!

I just had another ultrasound to determine the official date, and the technician was so kind to point out where the bleed happened but of course unable to go into any further detail if that should should be a concern! Sheesh... some information should just be kept silent, now I get to worry about it till our next appointment with the midwife... which is in February! (although I guess if it was important I would have gotten a call by now... so stress levels have gone done a bit since that day). However, good news is Baby is about 12 weeks old, happy, and healthy moving around in its little bubble. 

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