Bump Watch : 24 Weeks

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ahhhh time is flying, so much so I missed the 22 week update! In the past month lil'miss has been way more active, not just for me but for her daddy too! We can now feel her and see her kicking away regularly and its so neat! 

About the length of an ear of corn this lil' lady is growing bigger and stronger by the day. Over the past month I have noticed her little flutters turn into full on bumps. At about 21 weeks Daddy got to feel her movements for the first time and now can easily see her movements. This part of pregnancy is so neat and special, its a feeling that never gets old.

As for me, I've been feeling great and extra hungry lately... Sevio is baffled daily by how much I can eat. I've also been trying to up my iron intake with lots of green veggies and keep as active as one can when your in a climate that likes to pour every five minutes... so not cool!

Stay tuned for the next bump watch!

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