Adelyne : Four & Five Months

Monday, January 11, 2016

Our lovely little Adelyne hit her five month birthday on boxing day! We have been so busy that I missed her four month update so here I will try to remember the milestones in correct order and update both months. 

Four Months

At her four month check up she weighed in just over 13.5 lbs and was beginning to roll consistently from back to front and front to back. She started cracking more smiles at us which was pretty sweet. It was also around her four month mark that she got her first cold. She was congested in her chest, days and weeks went by and it just lingered on, so after the third week she developed a sporadic congested wheeze, which was a tad concerning because there's asthma in my family history, so that is when I broke down and took her to the doctor. The doctor agreed that her wheeze is concerning but due to her having a cold its really hard to give a clear diagnosis on whether she truly does have asthma or just a bacterial infection that just needed to run its long drawn out course. Just in case we went home with asthma medication and a special infant inhaler to use for a week and then to use as needed after that. Long story short the wheeze subsided and the cold lingered for a few more weeks and she has a check up in the next couple days.

Five Months

This girl experienced her first Christmas, first snow (if we could really call it that...), and met her aussie living Aunt Dani & Uncle Sam for the first time! She really began getting herself about during this month, she's not quite crawling, but she's definitely not staying where I leave her. She's also started giggling when tickled or watching her crazy brother and sister. Her favorite toy so far has been her Lamaze sensory octopus, its got lots of legs to grab a hold of or in her case to chew on. She loves her hands, they are regularly stuffed in her mouth, or shes attempting to suck her thumb all the while trying to suck on her soother... I think she's just mastering the skill of multitasking early on.

Adie's first Christmas (ps. why am I not in this picture?)
Snuggles with Great Gramma GG
Sweet moment with Gramma Jamma

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