Adelyne : 18 Month Update

Monday, February 20, 2017

Toddlerhood and up only exists in this house from here on out! I have very much mixed emotions about this! Every new milestone Adelyne hits excites me and breaks my heart just a little bit. She's our last baby and a part of me wants her to stay just that, a baby, forever, and then the frazzled realist in me pipes up and sees we are getting closer to a less demanding life... which this momma desperately needs!

Adelyne recently hit her 18 month milestone and boy has she changed since her 12 month update. She's 22lbs 13oz now and has grown 2.5 inches making her 29.5in tall; she's got 10 teeth (4 molars, 4 up top, and 2 bottom); her hair is long enough to be considered a mullet when its not constantly matted (she's the first one to be blessed...or cursed? with curly hair); and she's in 18m/2T clothes and size 4/5 shoes.

She's started to really vocalize herself and can say: Bubba (milk), water, puppy, hat, go, no (that's her favourite), yep or yah, Dad/Mama, cold, in there, stop, hot dog, and bowl... you know the essentials. She's also started recognizing where her body parts are and can point when asked where her hair, nose, teeth, tongue, bum, belly button, feet, and hands are.

She's feisty as ever and is impatient and demanding for what she wants (bad combo). She's yet to learn the ability to share (she hoards her toys and pounces on anyone who touches them). She's super kind and gentle to animals.  She's a great cuddler (when she sits still...) and gives the sweetest hugs and kisses.

She still loves her food, the more the better, and some faves are apples, kiwi, yogurt, avocado, craisins, rice, mac&cheese, and much to my dismay... hotdogs are her absolute favorite thing. Her favorite things to play with currently are my Ipod, and her sisters Melissa & Doug Folding Princess Castle. Her favourite books are Robert Munsch's "The Paper Bag Princess Board Book" and Sandra Boynton's "Belly Button Book". Other things she loves is stealing grandma's breakfast, hot tub time, and playing tag, Things she's not highly fond of: her car seat, brushing her teeth, and other kids sitting on my lap.

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