Smile Project : Month 3

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Here we are, capturing our third month of the smile project! What is the smile project? Head back here to check out the beginnings, but in a nutshell, over the period of one year I will take one picture, every month, of each kid, with one instruction... Smile! What they give me is what I capture, one shot is all I get, unless it's completely a blur... which lets face it toddlers can get blurry real quick! In that case I try again a little bit later because I'm looking for their natural expression in that moment. 

After this year is up we'll have 12 months of looking back over their unique take on expressing their characters through one single word. We'll see physical growth, emotional growth, and mental growth as they learn to understand instruction and their own definition of being joyful through the expression of smiling. I'm really looking forward to the end result. Here is month three.




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