Smile Project : Month Five

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I'm a bit late with this month shots from the Smile Project. We've had a lot going on, lots of new things a brewing, and blogging for me had to take a back seat. I did, however, take the pictures on time... editing and posting just took until this very moment.

This project is supposed to encapsulate how each kid defines and expresses their joy through smiling. Each month is different just as these tiny humans are different, they change so fast and learn new things almost daily and as the months go on we will see how they change physically and more importantly mentally and emotionally as they develop more understanding of this world.

This month in particular has been short in the joy department, at least for this momma. We have been going through some hard development stages, with each kid trying to assert their independence in different ways, and usually in very patience trying ways. I've yelled and I've cried more than I want to admit! I have not demonstrated love, or patience well to my kids and it has rocked me as a Mother. It encourages me though, looking at these pictures, of my babies, each smiling in their own goofy ways. I haven't broken them, they still love me, I still love them, and we will come out of this with smiles on our faces, together.

Anyways that's just a glimpse of our journey... it's rough and bumpy! Its a time of being challenged, to learn and grow in my own attitudes and behaviour, and for my kids too. Its a season and it shall pass, and when it does we will all be better for it! There is joy in that alone!




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