Onward and Upward

Monday, April 23, 2012

Just before we left for Vegas, Rylee wowed us by getting herself up on her hands and knees. We're not really surprised that shes determined to get moving, she's been a wiggly worm since day one. But its still amazing to watch her develop and push her self to learn new things.

Over the past week she's got way stronger and lifts herself up effortlessly to do do the famous butt wiggle. She's yet to figure out how to move her arms and legs simultaneously to get her going in the forward motion, but she has mastered getting her little toes positioned under her so she can push off the ground to propel herself forward.

I imagine it will be only a matter of days before she gains a new kind of independence where she can see what she wants and go get it herself, baby proofing time here we come! And soon mommy and daddy have to watch her like a hawk to make sure her precious little fingers aren't going where they shouldn't, and that little somethings aren't going in her mouth...although a bug or two will only add a little extra protein to her diet!

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