Monster Invasion

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here on salt spring there is a new phenomenon growing, you'll find them in the local farmers/artisan market or in their home formally known as the "Monster Lab." Every time we drive by the lab I have a sudden urge to veer into the driveway where you are greeted by the biggest monster you ever did see.

Diane Perry is the creator, she's quirky, she's creative, and her sense of humor shines through her creations. She makes a couple different styles, there are felted monsters, knatted hairy monsters, sock monsters, cuddly fuzzy monsters, and traditional soft winged monsters. My first monster, "Olive Juice," came to me two Christmas' ago when Sevio picked her out thinking she resembled me in a way with her crooked fanged smile. I fell in love and it was then that I decided my children would not have ordinary run-of-the-mill stuffie's. And double bonus, hopefully they won't be afraid of monsters under the bed because they will be all snuggled up sleeping with them.

When Rylee was a few weeks old we took her down to the Lab and it was like going to a pet store trying to pick out a puppy when they are all so cute that you want to take them all home to love. Anyways we narrowed it down to three and in the end it was "Arg" who won us over with his bright disposition and squeezable fuzziness. To date Rylee and him have a budding friendship as she likes to chew on his horns and pull on his colorful legs and arms.

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