Viva Las Vegas

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our little Rylee is now an international traveler! Above is a series of pictures of her beginning the journey on a happy goofy note, at 5 months old she has so much character and expression.

 We flew out on Monday afternoon from Bellingham, WA and arrived in sunny Las Vegas around 6:30pm. After we got settled at our hotel on and got Rylee fed and changed we headed out to take in the lights and sights of the Strip. It took awhile for my eyes to get adjusted to a totally completely different world and the overwhelming retina overload of flashing lights and signs, I felt like I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz...I wasn't in Kansas anymore!

We walked for a good 4 hours down to Treasure Island and back, it was exhausting but exciting. Rylee was a trooper and seemed just as excited as us to take it all in. We all slept like babies that night.

On Tuesday, Sevio wanted to go check out a couple casinos so my mom, Rylee, and I stayed back in the hotel to bask in the sun by the pool....we were going to go swimming too but the pool was like ice water. In the afternoon we walked the opposite direction to Coke World, M&M World, and MGM, and then back up to Planet Hollywood to take in a ridiculously delicious seafood buffet. After dinner, Grandma was on duty while me and Sevio took in the Blue Man Group, which was awesome, I totally recommend that show to anyone!

Wednesday we got bus tickets and went all the way up to the Stratosphere and Circus Circus and Fashion World. We were going to go on the roller coaster on the Stratosphere but it was going to be a tad pricey so we moved on to circus circus and watch an acrobat show in the kiddie casino and played a few of the kids games and won a mini stuffed donkey for Rylee. In the evening we went for dinner at the Outback Steakhouse where I introduced everyone to a "bloomin' onion." Then Daddy was on duty while and Grandma and I took in "Ka" by Cirque De Soleil at the MGM. This was our last night on the strip so after the show Sevio and I went on the roller coaster at New York, New York (amazing views of the strip!) then we all went up to the Bellagio to watch the water dance, then up to Treasure Island to watch the pirate show, and then all the way back to our hotel around 1am.

Thursday we slept in after our late night and got packed up and went out to get our last minute souvenirs and to venture to a few more casinos that we'd missed. Around 4pm we got our bags, grabbed a taxi, and just like that our vacation was coming to a close. After 3 days of wonderful weather and adventure we were on our way home to the rainy cold West Coast.


  1. Don't be surprised if Rylee grows up and joins a circus! Seriously though, glad you two had fun and got some warmth on your skin :)

  2. Awesome, so glad you three went on your very first trip outside Canada :)
    Great photos for the "Memorie keepsake book"
    You all looking fantsatic!!!! xoxoxo

  3. Thanks ladies, we had a great time getting away even if it was a for a short time. Can't wait for more adventures and memories :)


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