First Mother's Day

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This past Sunday will be a day I can never have again, my very first Mother's Day!

 It began with me getting up at 4:30 because I couldn't fall asleep after feeding Rylee (lame!), no breakfast in bed for me...but when Sevio got up he did make me a smoothie topped with a blackberry.

We went to church and I got to watch my husband speak his first sermon, I knew he was nervous but he didn't show it and did a great job! Afterwards I got a beautiful orange and pink carnation that the church gives out to Mothers.

After church we headed up to Sevio's parents to hang out and laze around in the beautiful sunshine. Sevio surprised me with my favorite drink (Arizona) and a ginormous chocolate cupcake, and then turned into super-dad by taking care of Rylee all afternoon giving me a break from everything! It was wonderful to have both hands free for so long, I spent most of the afternoon relaxing with my feet up knitting. After the guys made us dinner on the BBQ we all headed down to the big field and played some bocci ball, and then some awesomely fun competitive volleyball.

When we got home Sevio told me I had to close my eyes and he brought me over to the table and said Rylee had a present for me, I proceeded to open my eyes to see a heart shaped toothpick designed cute! And that concluded my first official Mother's Day...

LUCKILY for me we have two families to celebrate all holidays with, so yesterday we spent the evening at my parents for Mother's Day #2. Earlier in the day I went to my mom's work and surprised her with Mother's Day/Birthday present... a photo book of Rylee's first 5 months (which I know she showed off to ALL her co-workers :P ). And then when everyone got home from work, my Dad prepared for us a delicious steak and lobster dinner, sooooo so good! 

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