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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I fell in love with Saltspring Soapworks a long time ago when I first washed my hands in their one of a kind body gelato. It gently exfoliates and polishes your skin leaving it silky smooth and smelling so good you want to eat yourself!

When I became pregnant I bought their "Mummy's Tummy Balm" which is made out of essential oils that help protect and moisturize the skin to prevent stretching and marking....which is bound to happen when you grow something the size of watermelon in your tummy. And I have to say it worked, or I have really great skin genes because I didn't get any stretch marks until the very last week of my pregnancy and even then I only got a few little spots that have basically disappeared now (Sorry to other moms who were not as lucky as me, I know its not all about the moisturizer you use).

At our baby shower, Rylee's G-Mo (aka Godmother) knows what I love and showered us with the Soapworks baby collection. It consisted of the "Baby Shampoo & Body Wash," "Calming Lotion," and "Baby Bottom Balm," all of which are made locally, all natural, and organic. 

The Calming Lotion I have been using more and more on her dry knees (due to her recent desire to be mobile) and I love to put it on at nightime just after her baths because it is made calming ingredients, lavendin and ylang ylang.

The Bum Balm I don't use too often, only because it has some zinc in it (great for diapy rash) and its not recommended to come in direct contact with her cloth diapers because it can mess with the quality of absorption. So if I have liners for her cloth diapers I use it, or we're traveling and using disposables diapers. And for something that goes on your bum it really smells good!

I haven't used the shampoo and body wash as of yet, because in the beginning Rylee's skin was really sensitive to things with fragrance and I know I could have done the little skin tester to see if she reacted earlier on, but I just never got around to it. So, now the time has come to test 'er out, and I'm fairly certain we don't have to worry about any skin reactions because it is an extra-mild botanical formula that is supposedly non-irritating, because it is free of sulphites, parabens, and synthetic color and fragrance.

And just in the last week I purchased mainly for myself the "Lipbalm" which is made with 100% organic ingredients. So far I love it because it leaves my lips feeling moisturized and tingling in a good way! (Because of the peppermint oil in it), and I've been using it on Rylee too because she's had a bad case of dry cracking lips, they haven't fully healed yet but their definitely much better.

I love that we can support locally made great products that we know are made with love by people we love right here in our hometown. Their products make me feel great when I put them on and as a momma I feel comfortable about putting them on Rylee's delicate skin, because I know their not filled with a bunch chemicals, colors, and whatever else you find in the "Made in China" big brand name products.

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