Bringing Back An Age Old Hobby

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Over the last week and a half I have been working on a new creation... legwarmers! I have knitted off and on over the years but I had never made anything circular like this.

I found a pattern and I purchased some bamboo/wool blend yarn (sustainable, and so soft making it feel great on baby's skin) but I had no idea how to work 4 double ended needles. So when in doubt I call on my mom to endow on me her knitting wisdom. She taught me her ways in a matter of minutes, I was amazed it was so easy!

I haven't had a whole lot of time to work on them but I try and find snippets of time when I've got my hands free like in the car or right before I go to bed.  Over the weekend I finished one and I'm so excited to finish the next one because I can't wait to get them on Rylee's legs and then start the next pair that will be an eggshell blue, and then ones with stripes, and then maybe ones with polka dots... ahhh the colors and patterns are endless!!

I love it and double awesome... this hobby could be the stemmings of an entrepreneur stay-at-home mommy


  1. you could also knit or crochet little flower or heart embellishments to attach...or two little hanging "bobble" cherries on green stems!

  2. I've already thought of that!! I just need to learn how to crochet :)


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