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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last weekend we headed over to the Mainland to join with family and friends to watch Sevio's sister get married!

It just so happened to be one of the busiest weekends of the year, May Long. Our first day of adventure, Thursday, was spent mostly with the multitudes of people at the Ferry Terminal where we had a one sailing wait. Due to this delay, we unfortunately  missed the rehearsal but all was ok because we didn't have any pivotal roles to play. We did, however, make it to meet the bridal party and the grooms family for dinner at Montana's. It was a great time to hang out and watch everyone "ooh" and "aah" Rylee, and hilarious to watch Rylee make strange with her soon to be uncle, Aaron. 

Friday morning we piled into the car with Rylee's aunt Laura and cousin Liam and headed out to help decorate the reception hall at a golf course in Fort Langley. After a few wrong turns we finally made it, coffees and muffins and children in hand only to come upon a very much decorated room! Everything looked so great it was really hard to find something to do amongst all the very organized efficient people!

After decorating we headed to the mall with a mission...get tuxes for Rylee's cousins, Harley & Liam, and get a headband and shoes that fit for Ry. I had to laugh when I finally found shoes for lil'miss because they were 0-3 month size and they are STILL too big...I cannot wait until her feet grow! Anyways we all found what we needed and conveniently I even found myself a pair of cute "Toms" shoes, yay belated birthday present for me :P

That evening we got all dressed up for the official Rehearsal Dinner at a Thai restaurant. I was SOOO excited because Thai is my favorite food! After Aaron and Kaiti welcomed us we got lined up for the 5 or 6 different dishes being served buffet style. There was phad thai, cashew chicken, green curry, spring rolls, etc... all of it was so good! I only wish the restaurant wasn't out of thai ice tea.

Saturday finally rolled in and with it came the typical wedding frenzy. I got up early to get everything organized because my morning was packed with hair and makeup appointments and to make things more insane we were meeting with our potential next landlord to view our possible new home come September. Once we got home from all the appointments and meetings we practically just jumped into of fancy attire, Rylee had a super cute white with pastel grey and yellow flower sundress with tights and her new shoes, Sevio was dressed to the nines in his suit, and myself, I had a grey slim fit dress...and we looked good, ridiculously good! Even with all my organization though I was still painting my nails at every red light we hit, but we made it to the church in Fort Langley about an hour prior to the start time (Sevio was an Usher, so we had to be there early) giving me time to put on the second coat and let it dry! 

Just before two o'clock we took our seats, prepped the video camera, and anxiously awaited for the bride to arrive on location. Soon all went quiet, a man with a beautiful voice was singing, in came the the pastor, the groom, and the groomsmen. And then...all heads turned to the back of the room and in came the cutest of them all, Harley the ring-bearer, who came running down the aisle. Then the beautiful bridesmaids, and Dani (Sevio's other sister) the maid-of-honor. And finally the moment we were all waiting for, the bride! Kaiti came in with her dad looking more stunning than ever in an ivory A-Line dress that had an elegant bow on the side and a sweetheart was gorgeous, SHE was gorgeous!

The ceremony was short and very sweet, their vows were intimate and perfect, and it was all sealed with that exciting first kiss as Mr & Mrs! 

Immediately after we took all the family pictures and while the bridal party headed off to get their pictures done, Laura and I headed out to drop off the kids to the babysitter and pick up the cake for the reception. When we got to the reception hall we set up the cute two tiered cake and found our designated tables. The bridal party made their grand entrance around 5pm and the buffet style dinner proceeded shortly after, it was delicious by the way. After dinner were the traditional speeches from the parents (lots of them) and best-man/maid-of-honor, and a few others. Then the fun began with dessert, dancing, photo booth silliness, and a surprise choreographed dance which Sevio was a part of (I'm coordinated challenged so I just videoed it all). Then the torpedo bouquet toss, and scandalous garter toss, and then we saw the bride and groom off around 10:30pm. We left shortly after with a new member to add the family, a fishy (one of the centerpieces) who is currently unnamed, and headed back to pick up the babe and fall into bed after such a long exciting day!

Thank you Kaiti and Aaron for the letting us share with you one of the biggest days of your life and for throwing such a great party afterwards! We love you both and wish you all the best in the days ahead you have together as Mr. & Mrs. 

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