The Shiner

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Last week Rylee unfortunately got her first shiner!

It came about after a series of unfortunate events...I placed a hot chocolate stupidly in front of a child who wants to touch and get into everything. So clearly, I had to move it when she started moving towards it, in the process I hit the mug on the couch and it came crashing down spilling all of its contents on the floor (luckily none on Rylee) and I'm not sure what hit her the spoon or the mug but a blue welt started developing rather quickly just below her eye. It was a traumatic experience and the worst part about it was that it happened so fast that I didn't even see it hit her so I was afraid the spoon actually hit her eye. Thankfully Rational thoughts came back to me soon as I figured she would be freaking out way more and her eye would probably be bloodshot or watering or something. Anyways as the days have gone on we've seen a range of colors, I think it actually looks worse now than when it first happened. Now more than ever I wish they made helmets baby sized and for Rylee's case with a face mask :P

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