Day 2 of Adventure!

Friday, June 8, 2012

In the morning we woke up and slowly made our way out to the little surfing village known as Tofino! Our first stop was a local coffee shop, once hot chocolate and latte were in hand we were ready to meander around town for some good ol' window shopping. As we were walking around I couldn't help thinking it was funny that we were coming from a tourist hotspot to another where we are the tourist, understanding how the locals think but at the same time being totally oblivious to their way of life, a bit of an oxymoron. Around noon we strapped on "Ava" (our car) our rented surfboards and headed out of town to get some lunch, West Coast style, fish and chips and some chowder! DELISH!

After filling our tummies we went to Chestermans Beach for our first surf stop, where I soon discovered how weak I am. I could barely lift my surfboard, by the time I made it to the water I was ready to collapse in the sand! It really didn't helo that after all the work it takes to get out past the first set of waves that I got hit by a wave and this silly beginner forgot to attach the leash to my ankle so I had to swim ALL the way back in to retrieve my board. At this beach we had a lot of fun and even got up a few times but after an hour or so we were ready hit a new beach, Cox Bay. It's crazy that just five minutes down the road how different the ocean can be, the moment I stepped in the water I knew this was a whole other ball game! The waves just at the shoreline were so powerful, and once we got out a little ways the sets of waves were just one after the other giving you no time to gain any ground.

On our way home for dinner and showers we made a quick stop to check out the rainforest. It was just off the main highway and the trail itself is split up by the road. To do the whole thing it would take about 20-30 minutes walking but we just wanted to get home and rest so we opted for doing just one half. It was really neat, you follow along a wooden boardwalk that loops you through the lush forest of really big trees. My favorite part was the bridge made out of a big fallen tree.

After we washed all the salt and sand off we ate some dinner and had a brief time to relax before we rushed out again to catch the sunset. We were on a mission to find an island that I remembered as a kid being able to walk out to a little island at low tide, and conveniently enough sunset was happening right at the low tide time! We stopped quickly for some pictures of the famous Long Beach and then continued on our way to MacKenzie Beach.

Once we drove up to the beach I knew it was the one we were looking for, the one with the little island. We packed our blankie and camera and climbed our way to neat little spot on the rocks of the island. It was nice to just sit and enjoy God's creation without any worries, and more importantly without a schedule, it was perfect! The sun set over the little islands of the coast making them into shadows of its brilliant yellow and orange, it was beautiful. Once the sun set we made our way home again and practically just fell into bed, it couldn't have been a better day and it ended even better with... a FULL nights sleep!

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