Day 1 of Adventure

Thursday, June 7, 2012

 Earlier this week Mommy and Daddy went on a 3 day baby-free getaway! It was totally spontaneous and completely a surprise for Daddy. I arranged for a friend to watch Rylee Monday afternoon, and my mom to watch her Monday night till Wednesday morning, and then Sevio's step-mom to watch her for Wednesday. And boy am I thankful to have so many supportive family and friends that will at the drop of hat look after Rylee for us.

So I picked Sevio up at work and we began our journey up to Naniamo where we stopped to do some errands and eat. Then we continued on driving through the beautiful narrow winding roads of the Pacific Rim forest to Ucluelet. We arrived around 6pm to our quaint little cabin, quickly unloaded and then went for a short walk to a nearby beach. That evening we stayed in and relaxed doing absolutely nothing(something we really don't get to do as much as we really should!).

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