Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The other day I pulled down "Leo The Lion" to introduce him to Rylee. I figured it was time for him to get some new found child love rather than collecting dust up on the top shelf of the nursery.

A brief history of Leo is that he formally belonged to Rylee's daddy, Sevio. He's not actually a family heirloom from his childhood but from sometime in his teens, given to him from his step-mom. Sevio's favourite animal then and still presently is a lion so it only seems fitting he should have a cute oversized huggable fluffy one to carry around everywhere he goes.

So back to the main story, I plopped Leo down in front of Rylee and she just stared at him and then started to giggle when I lifted up his fluffy mane to reveal his eyes. A new lifelong friendship was blossoming before my very eyes as she crawled all over him and pulled and chewed on his tail.

Sevio was out at work when all this was happening but when he drove up I put Rylee and Leo in the laundry hamper (Ry's other new favorite thing) just in front of the door. His reaction was great, he loved it, and immediately told me I have to take a picture because they were so cute together...I have to agree with him they are adorable!

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