Leg Warmers

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

For those of you who are recent followers of owls & monsters you will have missed my previous post about getting totally and maybe overly excited about knitting Rylee a pair of legwarmers. If you wanna catch up you can view it

A little over a week ago I...drum roll please...FINISHED THEM!!! And they are too darn cute, they are a little big on Ry but all the better she'll grow into them and they will last even longer! They definitely took me longer than I wanted them to, but I'm just happy I completed them in time for them to fit her :P

I've started the next pair which are called "beach glass" which is kind of like a muted robins egg blue green kind of color. And now that Rylee is getting to more independent I can actually sit down and knit while she happily chases Seka (the cat) around the house!


  1. I was admiring them on Sunday...had no idea that you actually MADE THEM!! you are one talented Momma, and Rylee is one lucky girl!


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