Baby Einstein

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today Rylee spent a good part of the day being babysat by Ruth while I was working. While I was at work I what all paid employees are not supposed to do and went on facebook and noticed I had a message from Ruth stating that her son had warded off what could have been a trip to the hospital for Rylee by taking four stings from an apparently very angry wasp. Poor guy but whatta guy!

This evening after a whole wonderfully sunny afternoon spent indoors I took Rylee outside to play. We are house-sitting right now and one of the many perks of living here is that they have a caged trampoline! When I tried to get Rylee to go inside she was a little hesitant and clinging on to me for dear life. Once we were both finally inside I put her down to crawl about and get her feel for this foreign black bouncy thing. About a minute of her chasing me I realized her whole head was standing on end...funniest thing ever! By the looks of it she may be a distant relative of Einstein!


  1. after you & Rylee left, Malachi told me we should have another baby...but only if it was a cute as

  2. haha o'malley! You do create cute kids! How crazy would it be raising children with your children


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