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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Last night was Daddy's first sleepover with Rylee, and Mommy's first night officially alone!

Now don't get me wrong... I love my beautiful baby girl and my handsome husband, but once in a while a girl needs some alone time. My personality comes off extroverted but there is an introvert that longs for solitude and very rarely do I get it!

Thankfully due to this house-sitting job we have two homes making this whole night off possible. And more importantly we have a cat who's gone M.I.A. and we need to be home so that if she comes home in the next 3 days we can catch her so she can move with us.

So Sevio and Rylee went home, to a very empty house (we moved our stuff into storage yesterday), and set up camp on the hide-a-bed. Compared to them I was at a 5 star hotel with Charlie the great dane keeping me safe and a queen size bed all to myself. I had a bath, I got to watch some Olympics, and go to bed early, the only thing I was missing was room service!

In the morning Sevio called me and put Rylee on the phone and she cooed for me, which I know she was saying in baby, "Mommmmmy, I miss you so much!!"  She sounded so far away and hearing her little voice made me just want to hug her right then and there but I had to wait. I walked to church and met them there, when Rylee saw me she started flappin' her arms bringing instant smiles to my face with her excitement and gummy smiles.

I have an amazing husband, he knew I needed this night off, and he sacrificed comfort and his precious sleep (which if you don't know Sevio...its a big deal!) for me to relax and get a good nights sleep. I'm one blessed lady to have such a great guy, and Rylee is too to have such a loving Daddy.

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