Cousins Play-Date

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Today Rylee's Aunt Laura, Uncle Jimmy, and cousin Liam came for a visit! We haven't seen them since Liam's first birthday which was about 2 months ago so we were pretty excited! It's amazing how much a child can change in such a short amount of time, last time we saw Liam he was just beginning to walk and one or two teeth were poking through. Now he's taller, heavier, a little less wobbly and he's got like five teeth!

When we first arrived Laura had two little headband for Rylee, let me re-phrase, two totally adorable headbands! One that had built in pigtails, can't leave home without that people have NO excuse to confuse her with being a boy!! And the other headband is a pretty purple one with a bow on it and conveniently went with her dress she was wearing. Thanks Aunty Laura!

It was a great afternoon to hang out with the cousins splashin' in the kiddy pool, chasing one another down the hallway, doing laps of the house, and jumpin' on the tramp. It was so cute to watch Rylee for the first time really play with the boys, she loved chasing Liam and Liam loved being chased. Can't wait till she finds her legs and then those boys better watch out cause she'll be sure to get them!

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