Double Occupancy

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

About a month ago I was downtown and I saw a couple with what I thought was the most brilliant stroller invention ever! It was a regular three wheeled stroller, but here's the kicker, it has a second seat!

No, this is not me announcing we are expecting another... but eventually it's in the "plan" and having a stroller that is not a behemoth taking up whole sidewalks and awkward maneuvering through stores and doorways would definitely be a perk.

I googled "three wheeled stroller with two seats" and low and behold I found it, Phil & Teds makes these masterpieces and at a holy moly drop your mouth kind of price. Strollers are NOT cheap!!! Brand new the most basic model goes for about $400 with top of the line going for $700. I seriously can't get over it and I can't believe people buy them!

So thrifty me decided to look for one second hand on Used Everywhere, Craigslist, and Facebook Mom Swap&Shop Pages. They still weren't cheap, and understandably...if I bought one for that much I would try and get as much as I could for it too. Anyways after weeks of diligent searching, I finally got a lead on was perfect, it came with the double seat, cup holder, sun cover and rain cover which are all additional attachments, and it was in great condition, the only downfall was that it was orange! Despite the color it was priced to sell at $200 and couldn't pass it up especially since the included attachments are worth over $100!

We just got it over the weekend and we put Rylee in it right away and after about 20 minutes she was in love with it just as much as me! As you can see below how content she is in it. It is so light and easy to push and it doesn't take a Ph.D to figure out how to fold it. As we strolled around I kept finding little zippers and clips that adjusted the seat which is great depending on Rylee's mood. I'm so happy with it and ecstatic I didn't have to take out a small loan to get it!

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  1. Hey that's what I bought on kijiji! Phil and Ted the vibe with all accessories! Pouch, cup holder, sunbug cover, rain cover, and the seat kit attachment! For new $1050.00 and I got it for 400$!!! Such a deal!!!! They r so awesome! *bliss


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