Snail Mail

Sunday, July 1, 2012

 On Monday we arrived home with a special surprise awaiting us just inside the door. Mail! I love mail, its so exciting, you never know when to expect it and you never know what lies inside.

This particular piece of mail came as a complete surprise, and although I knew my good friend Bliss was looking for my address I completely forgot and clearly it didn't register that she would be sending us something. It came all the way from the north of B.C. where she lives with her husband and newborn son Theo.

When I picked up the envelope before I even looked at the return address I noticed it was squishy and excitement began welling up in my wasn't a bill, it wasn't a useless piece of junk mail, it was something personal from a real person! Eeeeeek!!! I dropped everything I was holding (don't worry I wasn't holding Rylee) and proceeded to rip it open, inside... owl legwarmers!! Two words, SO AWESOME!

I don't know how she does it, but Bliss has always had an eye for unique, sometimes crazy, and almost always bright and vibrant clothing or accessories. She finds the coolest things and rocks them in her own style! Rylee's lucky to have her because without her "aunty" Bliss, her wardrobe would be drab and boring lacking all kinds of funkiness because unfortunately her mama lacks it too!

Thanks Bliss your awesome! Not only for your fashion sense, but for your one-of-kind friendship that has seen a lot of distance has never felt far apart. One day I hope we'll be closer to one another and our kids can grow up together jumping on trampolines, playing soccer, and getting into all kinds of silliness together just like their mama's did.

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