9 Month Birthday

Monday, August 13, 2012

August 10th was Rylee's 9 month birthday! I can't believe in 3 months she will be a year old, time has just flown by. Our lil' munchkin is speed crawling everywhere, climbing up on tables and chairs, she'll walk if you hold her, and she's even had moments where she's stood on her own for up to 10 seconds. SO cool, not long till she walking... then the real fun begins!!

We started the day with a visit to Nanny and Granddad's (on Sevio's side), which they took us to their community garden plot and we picked fresh grown veggies: green onions, potatoes, peas, english broad beans, rhubarb, and lettuce. I absolutely loved it, and Rylee slept through it.

Early evening we had our first of many baseball games for the weekend for the end of season tournament. It was a perfect summer night to be playing, unfortunately we didn't do so great and lost but we had fun and that's what counts right! 

Later that night Grandma Michele gave Rylee her 9 month birthday present, a super cute Skip * Hop sensory toy in the shape of a big owl with a baby owl! I really love Skip * Hop products, I've seen them around when I'm out shopping and they make some really cute stuff for kids, this toy in particular is absolutely PERFECT! Apart from chewing on it Rylee likes to fling it around by one of its dangling things, making it look like its flying. Thanks Grandma Michele :)

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  1. Happy Birthday big baby Rylee!!! Love and miss you my Canadian princess... Miss your smell. Miss kiss, hug and squeeze you every week at least... Big big big kisses, hugs ans squeezes form Brazil... Amo vocĂȘ, princesa!


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