Color Me Rad

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Yesterday we took part in one of the craziest funnest things ever! The Color Me Rad 5k was held at UBC's Thunderbird Stadium in Vancouver. This was one first 5k ever and whatta run to begin with as it is not timed all you leave with is a sense of accomplishment and a lot of funny looks from people on the way home! 

For those of you who have never heard of this race before let me explain a little. First off you have a mandatory (but not that mandatory) dress code of pristine white, throughout the run you get coated with blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow until your face, hair, shirt, well lets face it your whole body come out like a tie-dyed hippy on the other side. Don't worry it's not the kind of paint you coat your walls with, its a non-toxic, non-rash-inducing corn-starch based powder paint that changes your color but never your level of wellness.

We went with a few friends being 5 of about 5000 people who participated in the run, which is not just fun and games, it's actually a fundraiser for "Keep A Breast Foundation". We had an absolute blast and the fun didn't stop at the finish line, everybody was given a color bomb that we threw up the air in an organized fashion creating a color explosion, and even after leaving the grounds the fun continued as we rode buses, sky trains, and ferries getting stares and weird looks but surely brightening peoples days with our color splattered bodies.

It was an adventure that will stick with us forever, a wonderful color plastered memory. 

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