Ice Cream Sunday

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Sunday was our last official Sunday at our home church, Sevio's last day with them was on the 15th so it was a little weird to walk into the church and not make an automatic turn for his office...which is now barren, void of three years of memories. 
Last Sunday's are always special for anybody but for us it was especially so. They took it upon themselves to honor Sevio (and me) for 3 years of working with them as their youth pastor. They called us up to the front and as usual they take a moment in the service to pray for anyone who is moving on for missions, or school, or just moving away, it's a send-off and integral part of our church's dream to support and send people to the four corners of the world. 

Following the prayer, Sevio's grandma who is also a member of the board presented us with a funky painting by Jill Louise Campbell picturing the downtown core of Salt Spring. Such a great gift to take with us wherever we go to remember our time working with our time with the church as well as to remember our roots. After the service they also got us two ice cream cakes one with 3 owls which clearly represents our family and another with an airplane which is the unknown adventure that awaits us!!

Thank you Community Gospel Chapel, you have been a home to us, you have been a cornerstone to our faith, and you have been our family. You'll always hold a part of our hearts and this isn't a goodbye just a see you later (we'll be back at Thanksgiving :P).

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  1. you know I love you Katie (and Sevio) but truly I will miss little Rylee the most...hopefully she'll still know me when you return for the Holiday!


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