Quarter of a Century

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Today was Sevio's birthday, and not just any birthday, his 25th birthday!!

We didn't plan anything too extravagant because our Tofino trip back in June was a Father's Day/Birthday present. The best gift we gave and ever could give was good ol' family time. We started the day by making him breakfast in bed and letting him sleep in.

After church we went out for lunch with Sevio's family, which was delicious I might add! We had a great time and bonus there was a real live accordion player at the restaurant, little Harley (Rylee's cousin) just loved that guy.

After lunch we headed to the lake to meet some friends and cool off from this lovely warm weather we are having. Upon arrival we got Rylee and ourselves all suited and sun-screened up and headed straight for the water! Rylee got a new floaty yesterday, and yesterday she loved it, today however, didn't go over so well, she was a bit irritable in it for some reason. She did love the water when we were holding her, she loves to kick her legs and splash with her hands.

We headed to my parents after our swim for a BBQ dinner of ribs, corn, potato salad, and fruit salad! A great summer meal, although with this heat where we were sitting to eat (upstairs) had turned into a sauna... it felt like we were in a human size BBQ roasting alive!!! I ate as fast I could and vaccated to the cooler downstairs and indulged in a freezie. We ended the evening with chocolate cake and headed home and watched the new Sherlock Holmes (well Sevio watched, I did laundry).

Love me and Rylee.

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