Parksville Sandcastles!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yesterday my mom, her friend Barb, Rylee and I headed up to Parksville to check out their annual sandcastle exhibition. 

Parksville brings back lots of good memories, when I was a kid my mom would take us up to Parksville for a couple days of camping. We would spend the majority of our days playing at the HUGE park, playing in the water and beach that went on for miles when the tide was out, and of course playing mini-golf at one of the funnest best mini-golf's I have ever played. It's pretty coot that I could still go with my mom but also take Rylee and start a new generation of memories...

We started our day off right with a hearty breakfast, joined by my sister and Barb's daughter Carrysa. Afterwards we all made our way up to Nanaimo to run some errands and shopping, which is where we saw the last of the girls. Sometime in the afternoon we made it to Parkville, our first stop, the sandcastle exhibition! 

There were over 15 larger than life sand castles, apart from being made out of sand which is obviously an accomplishment in itself, not a lot of them took my breath away, this years competition did not measure up to last years amazing works of art! Everyone who goes in are given a little chip to vote for your favourite, and below is a picture of my favourite, I thought the dragon was pretty cool.

 Just steps away from the sandcastles was the beach! And just our luck the tide was out exposing sandbars and creating tidal pools that were perfect for little Rylee to play in. We walked way out to one of them and the moment I put Rylee down in the sand she was in digging her fingers in, finding seaweed and shells, and crawling around like a crab (apparently she didn't want to get her knees dirty). She loved crawling and splashing through the ankle deep water following me around while I looked for sand dollars, it was so cute! I called her the little mud monster, she was just covered in sand and muck but she loved it! I loved it, she had so much fun!

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